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Get to Know: Stray Kids Hyunjin Guide ( 스트레이 키즈 - 현진 )
I was surprised to find out that although there of course are many Hyunjin videos out there, there weren't really "guide" videos on getting to know Hyunjin So here is hopefully this will be a somewhat helpful video that'll help others get to appreciate just how precious and talented Hyunjin is! He is such a hardworking, shy yet bubbly ball of fluff. I honestly wanted to put even more clips but as you can see the video is quite long...Hope you enjoy! Please shower Hyunjin and Stray Kids your love and support! Support Stray Kids and JYP:  http://straykids.jype.com Special thanks goes out to the SKZ subbers and fansite owners who made videos like these possible! None of the clips belong to me and I take no credit to the translational subs except my own personal commentary. ***All original audio and visual clips belong to their respective owners. None belong to me*** ***NO Copyright Infringement Intended*** ***NO audio or visual clips belong to me*** ***Created for Entertainment Purposes Only***
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