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VIXX - The Closer 빅스 [Live Performance Compilation Mix] 161101 - 161108

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Live Performance compilation stage of VIXX's new title song The Closer from their latest album Kratos Please Support VIXX http://jelly-fish.co.kr/sub/artist_singer02.php?prof_id=26&num=4 See how you can help VIXX! For voting, streaming info etc see VIXXSUPPORT website http://vixxsupport.com/en/ NO audio or visual content belong to me; they belong to VIXX, Jellyfish Entertainment, music show programs, and belong to their respective owners 161101 VIXX The Show 161102 VIXX Show Champion [MBC Music] 161104 VIXX KBSKpop 161105 VIXX Music Core [MBCkpop] 161106 VIXX SBS Inkigayo 161108 VIXX The Show *No Copyright Infringement Intended* *No audio or visual media belong to me* *Created for Entertainment Purposes Only*
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Ayu N (2 years ago)
thank you so much.. i love this.. awesome

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