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Naruto dating sim cheats

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it is here the cheat what are u finding!!! add me at facebook [email protected] and the site that i play that i thanked for it! arcadeprehacks.com
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Drangon Inky! (4 months ago)
Marie Kathryn (4 years ago)
And the money not call funds and ea and that is not invigorate
Marie Kathryn (4 years ago)
0/28 well... I think that is ail The 1e+18/le+18 is beside the HP and they dont have le + / 1e + to the game your fail for your Edit......
boo fake
Calvin Lewis (5 years ago)
Ok. I’ve become hugely green with envy towards my brother’s best friend. He’s actually been available always and forever. By a cheat, he’s got a model to love him in no time. How can that be possible? He smiled and told me he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone attractive fell for me… I’ve not before seen him so content. Sort of makes me sick.
Christian Lawlor (5 years ago)
Me and my best friend was playing this game for the first time at our public library. My friend got bored and just slept for 50 days. On the fifth day, there was an animation of sakura giving a guy a blow job! i laughed so hard that i fell out of my chair!
coco wee (5 years ago)
ladies man. He began getting women over night. He pretended he didn't realize. He finally admitted it on Friday. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you'd like to know about it... He's seeing a sexy chick... Lucky man! Where are the best of these movies on Youtube?
Drevon Blake (5 years ago)
Other is sex
Asiri Kaluarachchi (5 years ago)
That was fantastic information. I'm here since my mate without warning turned unbelievable with chicks. He went from zero to hero. He pretended he didn't realize. Then he smiled and told me when he was drunk. He mentioned he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you'll find it... He's dating a beauty... Where are the most useful of these movies online?
Afiq Effanddy (6 years ago)
tell me bout it....
HobbyistVAEstellise (6 years ago)
mine diden't come with the bars underneath the face of sakura so i was really lucky
Prolific Pops (6 years ago)
The ending of this game... didn't see that coming at all!
9656penny (6 years ago)
yup thats what happens in the game. but it is shikamaru.
9656penny (6 years ago)
omg i played this game and well at the end its explicit trust me i didnt expect it.
Anitchika K (6 years ago)
Idk im not the one who saw it anyway it was my sister :/
HarunaIchihara (6 years ago)
it's not Neji,it's Shikamaru
CrazyClara101 (7 years ago)
I hate the new 50 day limit
animangafan342 (7 years ago)
my shooter
animangafan342 (7 years ago)
literally XD
animangafan342 (7 years ago)
i remember it being shikamaru's...
animangafan342 (7 years ago)
did u win or did u end up on day 51?
Anitchika K (7 years ago)
Yeah....my sister said that at the end she saw Sakura sucking Neji's dick.
Your Butler (7 years ago)
No lie I really mean it
adracamas (7 years ago)
If I had a dollar for every Unregistered HyperCam I saw....
jenin faour (7 years ago)
i played the game i wanted naruto <3 i hate sasuke
QueenKirstynnn (7 years ago)
i cant find the game in this website!! help :(
The Dragon (7 years ago)
no you just suck at the game
cei.bb (7 years ago)
i wouldn't wanna be 'that person', but in the actual game, whats the song at the beginning called?
vinicyhuz (7 years ago)
THIS GAME IS FOR HENTAI FREAKS and i am one of then @[email protected]
hola amano (7 years ago)
hola amano (7 years ago)
plz tell me the cheats.... write here. plzzzzzzzzz. without cheats i don't understand how to play. :(((
Nureen Safiyyah (7 years ago)
it do not work
hola amano (7 years ago)
plz write here cheatssss plzzz
fatima bostan (7 years ago)
شكرا على الفيديو بس لو خلو اللعبة عربية بكون افضل
MissBlossom (7 years ago)
Can you only,,with Shikamaru? lol
MissBlossom (7 years ago)
so what happens in the end? except for fucking.I mean, if you beat it.
DaMoonlightOwl (7 years ago)
trust me its better if you didn't see the ending
Christian Santos (7 years ago)
Ummmm... What the song?
IsaacTerence (7 years ago)
where's demon wind shuriken, nyehehehe #pervert
Arthur Twerkland (7 years ago)
LOLOLOL It doesn't matter if you date them and it was successful. Because I went on a date and they were all successful. I think the ending will always be Shikamaru.
Becca Lorens (7 years ago)
Valerie Song (7 years ago)
@pinako90 do you mean you tried the game for the first time??
Valerie Song (7 years ago)
...the ending... scarred for life
ijeffrey (7 years ago)
Before Marriage- Boy: I have been waiting for this day. Girl: Do u want me to leave?? Boy: NO!!!! Girl: Do u love me? Boy: Of Course Girl: Will u ever cheat on me?? Boy: Never in my life Girl: Will u ever kiss me? Boy: Every chance i get Girl: Will u hit me?? Boy: Are u crazzy..! Girl: Can i trust u?? Boy: Yes..!! Girl: Sweet Heart..! -After Marriage- (now read from bottom to top)
glaivetitan (7 years ago)
@TheSylwek97 I know where, just sleep and slep until day 51.............lol
Mage653 (7 years ago)
Sylwia (7 years ago)
how did you do that you have a start???????? please reply Ps can anyone know where to find the end of this game?
this game is very disgusting once you win
iLLt4ke2 (8 years ago)
lol no the song that's on repeat at the start menu
iLLt4ke2 (8 years ago)
Anyone know the name of the song that plays when the game is at the start menu
@anamilicka Um, You must study every day, and make mission to become ,,credits'' but also speak with Sasuke... Uhm... You must study everyday, because sasuke like that ( whut? xD) .. if study gets 100 points, you become an extra ,,way'' there you can buy things for sasuke ... Nyaa make dates with him.. -> 1. Talk 2 times with him 2. give him that present from that ,,extra way'' than you can kiss him... Repeat that 4 times, now you can do ,,other things'' to sasuke :D Well, have fun ^_^
i f*cked with sasuke O-o xD
Quan Zhang (8 years ago)
wat are the cheats for this game it doesnt show like how do u get alot of stats and how do u get alot of money in one day u didnt show me the cheats to this game thumbs up if u agree and pinnako90 sent me a message
1000YearsOfDeathh (8 years ago)
hey can u make another naruto dating simulator please!!! with more character cause i think there's only 1 decent naruto dating sim in this world
SuperDaruto (8 years ago)
Where do you get that game?
Tri Summers (8 years ago)
what is the title of the song?
marcus lee (8 years ago)
hey!what about naruto!!!!

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