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THIS MOD ALLOWS YOUR SIMS TO CONFESS TO CHEATING, WHICH CURRENTLY ISN'T AN OPTION IN GAME! ⚑️ DON'T CLICK ME: https://bit.ly/2IvsAbs ➦ This mod along with so many opened up my eyes on how many SIMPLE and OBVIOUS interactions we are missing in the game! Thanks TO AWKWARD DORK for creating this MOD! She did mention she plans on adding to it which I HOPE SHE DOES. πŸ‘‡ LINKS πŸ‘‡ THE MOD :https://twitter.com/GrownUnsexy/status/1100931536587841536 FANTAZYIA'S VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFf6FUa8tYQ&t=335s 🌟 Question OF THE DAY! (Answer For A Chance At Being Pinned): - What Interactions/Moodlits should be added to this mod? ➦ Sport Your Support (Merch): *NEW FOREMAN MERCH!* https://goo.gl/g7M9zZ ________________________________________ ➦ SOCIAL MEDIA Second Channel: goo.gl/AcSO83 Facebook: https://facebook.com/UrbanSims Blogger: http://www.xurbansimsx.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/XUrbanSimsX The Sims 3: Jenn951 Origin: Jenn2606 Instagram: Hey_Urban ________________________________________ βœ‰ CONTACT EMAIL: [email protected] 🎢 Music Credits: EPIDEMICSOUND.COM ________________________________________ ➦ Computer & Recording Specs: http://goo.gl/69UPiz
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Text Comments (70)
Chester The Zexter (4 days ago)
That's why we roleplay πŸ˜‚
mjsimmer x (7 days ago)
Hope your feeling a little better girl
Gamer exe (8 days ago)
The Girl's moodlet:Sad,Angry desc:This sim is sad/Angry because someone cheated on her. The Boy's moodlet:Dissapointed,Sad,Truth teller desc:This sim is Dissapointed in theirselfes because they have cheated
Angharad Bain (8 days ago)
My asperations above their heads have gone? Does anyone know how to get them back?
Jesse Chadwick (8 days ago)
What SKin Do you Use?
Akhira H. (8 days ago)
This is my favorite mod yet!
Ashton Eva (8 days ago)
When a mod review has as much drama as a normal let's play...
Apryl's Happenings (8 days ago)
This adds great game play.
hello, im patrick (8 days ago)
It'll be cool if there's an interaction if you both cheat and confessed to each other.
blrrypxels (8 days ago)
You should do a single mom lp with Soyer and the baby. Ruben may move out because they’ve been arguing and he can’t take it anymore. I think it’ll be a fun lp
Nae Muah (8 days ago)
Hi I as wondering how you come up with names for your sims because I always have a difficult time choosing names πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
AngelxYT (8 days ago)
Ohhh there’s gonna be some drama in my game now xD
alicia austin (8 days ago)
Bruh I’ve been wanting this -
Amazing Ava Rose (8 days ago)
All Things Boujee (8 days ago)
As good as the mod is and i appriciate the time taken to make this, this should have already been in the game.
Myrto Megalokonomou (8 days ago)
This mod is just great πŸ‘
Sims Divine (8 days ago)
I mean he is very handsome
lenert bonner (9 days ago)
Gurl..... How do I become your #1 FAN!!!!!..... i frickin love ya girl!!!! Subscribed βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…
DailyPotato (9 days ago)
your accent is so pretty!!
PixelatedTwix (9 days ago)
This one is PERFECT for my gameplay!!!!
billuth the boreduth (9 days ago)
What mod is the extreme romance from? I'm looking for some mods like that.
Ilona Oakenshield (8 days ago)
Look for mods by Sacrificial, they have some of the most in depth mods!
FutureLPN/RN (9 days ago)
Logs into computer!
Xavier Harris (9 days ago)
Where is the Lyric and Melody’s makeover
SimplyAmazingSims (9 days ago)
Definitely adding something we need for drama πŸ˜‚
Kikumai (9 days ago)
It’s so hard for me too watch sims videos and not want to play!! Definitely downloading this when I get my new laptop! (Btw if anyone has good suggestions on cheaper laptops plz let me know ❀️)
Kikumai (8 days ago)
Respect the Vets true
Alicia Arias (8 days ago)
Kikumai just google cheap laptops
Olivia G. St James (9 days ago)
I believe that the Loves _____ SIms comes from Kawaiistacie's turn on/ turn off mod (I don't know what its actually called)
Olivia G. St James (9 days ago)
King Ashley thanks. That’s what I thought but wasn’t sure
King Ashley (9 days ago)
Olivia G. St James Slice of Life
Lunar Eclipse (9 days ago)
AMAZING EPISODE!! Just had a thought though you should totally do Sims 4 Love Island!! Xx ily keep up the good work.
Jaida Powell (9 days ago)
I most definitely need to download this right now!!
Lori Horta (9 days ago)
I think it would be great if the person you are telling you cheated could haul off and smack you across the face and yell because I feel that would be reality.
Emma Coll (1 day ago)
+V Glah True. They have the serial romantic aspiration where it gives you that option but would be good as a trait or an extra something in and of itself
V Glah (8 days ago)
πŸ€” what if the spouse who was tolded about their partner cheating on them wanted an open relationship tho. Would be realistic if some did that n others saw it as an open chance to bring it up. ....they first should make it where not all sims get jealous of flirting.
Laura Boyd (9 days ago)
Sims 2 had something like that. Was awesome
Janae Olivia (9 days ago)
wow this is perfect because I just had my sim cheat on his wife with the maid and I wanted him to confess but I couldnt. Now I can LMAOO
Adding this one❀️
SashaRicky (9 days ago)
LOVE that new intro. Very fitting for the summer. 🌞
Autobot Simmer (9 days ago)
But who confesses to cheating irl?
Ilona Oakenshield (8 days ago)
+Autobot Simmer it is indeed quite rare but for story telling purposes it'd be nice to have this option in-game! πŸ˜„
Autobot Simmer (9 days ago)
+Claire F I just feel like admitting is rare. Most of the time the cheater is caught or accuser and refuse to come lean.
Claire F (9 days ago)
Autobot Simmer quite a lot of people! i know at least for me, i’ve had 2 exes who cheated on me and i found out abt both by THEM confessing to it because they either wanted to break up to be with the other person or to fix things with me because they β€œmade a mistake”. this mod is good for giving variety in realism, not everyone walks in on their s.o cheating on them :)
nyssa Queen (9 days ago)
And the drama begins 😈
Hannah Loves The Sims (9 days ago)
can you please bring the springstons back please i really miss them
Alyssa's World (8 days ago)
I miss them too 😒 I've been watching the whole series over again for the nostalgia
OshinSims (9 days ago)
Ohhh the realism ! I can dig it πŸ€”πŸ’—
emm :p (9 days ago)
ever since the update some mods have been acting out for me, especially mc command center & UI cheats extension😫 really hope they get updated soon, but i will definitely add this to my game❀️
My favorite simmer player😊
DarlingSimmer 16 (9 days ago)
Yassss Queen slay πŸ’— Cringe I hate myself Love ya JenπŸ’‹
Coochie Moochie (9 days ago)
Emberli Alegria (9 days ago)
Your voice honestly makes me so happy it just sounds so cheerful
XUrbanSimsX (8 days ago)
Thank YOU EMBERLI, I am so excited to be back!
Sims Divine (8 days ago)
It really does
Michaela Vinyard (9 days ago)
Rianna Arroyo (9 days ago)
Been waiting fot this love ya
Jasmin Dean (9 days ago)
Yay I'm here early πŸ’•πŸ˜
JoJo Sul Sul (9 days ago)
love your mod reviews :)
Whitney Titus (9 days ago)
Early Bird!
TheLazySimmer (9 days ago)
Ooof such a scandalous mod....I love it
FaithonMar S (9 days ago)
I’m mad early wow
Simsationelle (9 days ago)
Amaka Ofojebe (9 days ago)
Definitely adding this one to the very many πŸ˜±πŸ˜πŸ’ž
Sims Divine (8 days ago)
i love your vids ! πŸ’“ literally the best on youtube πŸ˜‹.
Ukelin (9 days ago)
We love realistic mod reviews!! Thanks Jenn!!
get rekt (9 days ago)
uhh... hi?
GrimPixls (9 days ago)
dxhydration (9 days ago)

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