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How to wear your Nouvelle Pearl necklace. Each necklace can be worn long, or short with the bracelet worn separately! Nouvelle Pearl Website: https://www.nouvellepearl.com Classic White Pearls: https://www.nouvellepearl.com/products/classic-white-convertible-pearls Rose Gold Pearls: https://www.nouvellepearl.com/products/rose-gold-pearls Nouvelle Pearl Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nouvellepearl/ Nouvelle Pearl Twitter: https://twitter.com/nouvellepearl My Instagram: elleflorence My Twitter: elle_florence Thank you for visiting my channel, Elle Florence. I'm a Vancouver based young professional by day, fashion blogger by night. I film videos on fashion that works for real life, including work outfit of the day videos, hauls, handbag unboxing videos, product reviews, and makeup tutorials. Nouvelle Pearl is my latest pursuit into jewelry design and creation. Nouvelle Pearl represents the culmination of a lifelong dream to create beautiful precious jewels for women of all ages.
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Shawna Eardley (2 years ago)
I can't wait to order when your site re-opens! :)
swanlakelawgirl (2 years ago)
I start a new job next week as in-house and was waiting to formally get this job to order your pearls!! I have just ordered one of each (couldn't decide- AND this is my congrats-to-me gift for getting this job) and I am incredibly excited to get them in the mail :)
swanlakelawgirl (2 years ago)
Thank you!!! :)
Elle Florence (2 years ago)
+swanlakelawgirl just saw your order! congratulations on the exciting job! 💫
Kristin Lee (2 years ago)
This is genius!! Congrats Elle
Gianna A. (2 years ago)
wow! congratulations on your new line
Jennifer Ann Fox (2 years ago)
I just wanted to let you know I just got mine in the mail and LOVE LOVE LOVE them so much! I literally just got them and can't wait to wear them tomorrow. It came at a perfect time. I needed something so cheerful and pretty. I got the Rose Gold ones and they are gorgeous.
Elle Florence (2 years ago)
+Jennifer Ann Fox (Feathers in the Nest) yay! Thank you for the kind note Jennifer, I'm so happy you like them! :D
Lisa Walter (2 years ago)
Lisa Walter (2 years ago)
It's my favorite Bizet opera piece! Its perfect for the launch of your Nouvelle Pearls.
Elle Florence (2 years ago)
+Lisa Walter so catchy right? 😍🎧
LifestyleOfLaura (2 years ago)
Creative & informative video.
Jennifer Clayton (2 years ago)
So beautiful!! Just trying to decide which ones to get?! What would you recommend for someone who dresses very casual?
Elle Florence (2 years ago)
+Jennifer Clayton I personally wear the Rose gold pearls more for casual wear :)
flamingopink9 (2 years ago)
Beautiful video! Beautiful pearls!
Sheila Mallorca (2 years ago)
This pearl is so Gorgeous. Me too I love pearl for accesorising and jewellery.
Vivian Li (2 years ago)
Elle this is so pretty! Can you do a video of different outfits with different style and length of the pearls?
Elle Florence (2 years ago)
+Vivian Li yes! I will do several, with the first going up next week :)
Kafi Romeo (2 years ago)
Thie is beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!❤

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