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INCREDIBLE AND INGENIOUS DOOR AND GATES compilation #5 ------------------------------------------------
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demac209 (11 hours ago)
I guess this the "rich american" point of view, when my beds have to come out the wall theres to many people in my house somebody has to go and it might be me, I see nothing but empty space all around this country, I don't need to be in a city and crammed in like ants. This looks like what would happen if Ikea took over the world.
طه محمد morad (14 hours ago)
في ابداع عندهم
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Rasel dewon (19 hours ago)
J J (21 hours ago)
I need my furniture to transform into someone that can help me do house work not just transform into a diff form of furniture. Then after its done with the house work i need us to walk to the front into the street so it can transform into a 🚗 so i can go get some take out then drive back home and put me to bed and then release it into the world to fight crime just in the realm of my neighborhood so i feel safe at night. If u could just make this thatd be greaaaat thaaaanks. Just remember it was MY idea.
Samuel Tessaro (1 day ago)
Rachel Rockstream (1 day ago)
What name of the song 2:35
Anneyasha Shoshi (1 day ago)
Awesommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme........ 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Satisfied World (1 day ago)
0:30 Imagine going to the kitchen to get urself drink late at night while all family sleeping...
5.33 ini iklan furnitur jelas di peruntukan buat orang dewasa,kl cara demo pergeseran forniturnya cuman Centimeter per centimeter,kaya demo untuk anak TK..maaf sebelumnya 🙏
@5:07 what's that one called?
Lisa (1 day ago)
Great... Except the sofas which are rebuild to a bed. This is not so much magic 😂
SDAJ AD JAY (2 days ago)
La China (2 days ago)
Me gusta
Ah King (2 days ago)
What music the starting?? 2:25
Ahmad Mourad (3 days ago)
بعض السرير لا يصلح للمتزوجين 😂😂😀😀
HAC Channel (3 days ago)
Chiếc ghế của vật liệu mới, một ý tưởng sáng tạo quá tuyệt vời luôn, cảm ơn các bạn đã tạo ra nó
SHQIP channel (3 days ago)
To the minute 3:50 what's the music name ? I like the music
Paikmans _ (3 days ago)
Fat rats monody
passtheBuck Canuck (3 days ago)
Diego Anchundia (4 days ago)
5:57 I was so angry because he didn't fold the table out all the way.
Super every furniture
Caleb Summer (4 days ago)
Shit, shit,shit
simran ramuka (4 days ago)
I can't do this much work before going to sleep or before going to office😑
برق برق (4 days ago)
Dora Tiscareno (5 days ago)
Dora Tiscareno (5 days ago)
What is the purpose of #1 Who WANTS OR NEEDS A PC OF FURNITURE THAT CHANGES SHAPES... INTO ""ABSOULTY NOTHING I NEED"" Its Useless....👎👎👎👎 Actually they are all USELESS
Charles J. Easley II (5 days ago)
How much for the extremely uncomfortable furniture whose only purpose is to be space efficient?
Dora Tiscareno (5 days ago)
Mao Billi (5 days ago)
Orange shirts.... So boring mans.... Nd.. Too much slow
manjohor1 (5 days ago)
Semua ni lebih aje.Sedangkan yg kekalpun cepat rosak apatah lagi yg berlipat2
Kirk a (5 days ago)
What music in the :4:17
Valeria Esoinosa (5 days ago)
WoW like si hablas español y like si es increíble 😱😱😱😱
葉葉俊伯 (5 days ago)
Lucas Graham (5 days ago)
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Sah Sah (5 days ago)
Aya Almaliki (5 days ago)
واوووو جميل 😱😍😍
Penny Prothro (6 days ago)
Please visit my channel if u like subscribe it
Life with KB (6 days ago)
My eyes when the chair disappeared into the dresser 😳
Charles J. Easley II (5 days ago)
Best part of the video. 😮
Tình Bùi (6 days ago)
5.52 kéo thì kéo mẹ di
REI-ANNE videos (6 days ago)
illogical (7 days ago)
The first one tho
Got7 Fangirl :P (7 days ago)
Oh my God, now I want a small house with a folding bed and many other things that are shown here :o
Jeffy NM (5 days ago)
Think about it, i Big Opened Modern Mansion with a Big big big Garden is better...
Nmeera Amna (7 days ago)
0:43 was Best
anskuli ansku (7 days ago)
6:00 poring🙄🙄
Ashish Kumar (7 days ago)
Ashish goyal (8 days ago)
Wow yrr.... But but but. Its too expensive
حسن هادي (8 days ago)
في حدا عربي ؟؟؟؟😄😄
Cẩm Trần (8 days ago)
Emely ! (8 days ago)
5:07 Okay this is cool, but how do I get the chair out again? 😂
Lighting McQueen (7 days ago)
There's a little space like a handle to pull it out
Your customers must weight >40kg though...
dxpression vxbes (8 days ago)
_when your bored so you just play with your couch_
Aditi Singh (8 days ago)
ye furniture kha se purchase kr skte h please anyone help me ?
Anqit O (9 days ago)
Sim simi (9 days ago)
My dreammm 😍😍
Get Tech (9 days ago)
where is your videos name it's compilation video
Ariana Playz (9 days ago)
Phương Quỳnh (8 days ago)
Ariana Playz bv v
Ariana Playz (9 days ago)
2:11 im buying that
S Suphakwee Butdee (9 days ago)
Ennairde Gacuma (9 days ago)
2:20 music is monody fatrat
Mahzaib Khan (10 days ago)
Nice all chair in beds owesum
Nida Abdullah (11 days ago)
I love it.
mike oneil (12 days ago)
sound track?
Fiona Ordonia (12 days ago)
Person : If you grow up and become a billionaire what would you do? Me :
S Suphakwee Butdee (9 days ago)
จะเที่ยวเพื่อให้ตัวเองมีความสุขก่อนเพราะทำเพื่อคนอื่นมาเยอะแล้วหลังจากนั้นค่อยมาคิดว่าจะทำอะไรต่อ ขอบคุณมากค่ะที่ถาม🙏😍🌺
Priyanka Sukhla (12 days ago)
I want that 🙁
Vina Obinque (12 days ago)
fifi shintia ernita (13 days ago)
Raja Imran (13 days ago)
8.16 p.m nice viodeo
Asma Kalwar (13 days ago)
I love it
Issa Yanasy (13 days ago)
L'homme sage apprend par l'expérience mais l'homme le plus sage apprend par l'expérience des autre
Akbar Ghf (7 days ago)
Issa Yanasy (13 days ago)
L'homme est un apprenti la douleur est son maître nul ne se connaît tant qu'il n pas souffert
YEET GOD (14 days ago)
1:22 it is so satisfying
cô bé ngọt ngào (14 days ago)
Có ai việt nam không nhỉ
التكنولوجية تطورة
Nash Lopez (17 days ago)
Where can I buy those things?
Ya Ya (18 days ago)
誰かいる?Is anybody there?有人吗?2019!!!
Filiz Gzdl (18 days ago)
Mükemmellik mühendisler teşekkür ederim
Sunny Gudling (18 days ago)
Visit : https://obodo.com.au/ #contemporary #furniture Furniture companies like Obodo have specialized in manufacturing Australian style furniture and also distribute furniture and outdoor accessories of some of the biggest Australian brands. The furniture and accessories provided by them are not only robust but also meticulously designed to serve you for ages.
anghelo menodosa. (19 days ago)
me gusta
RĘZA 7 (19 days ago)
3:39i want that🙁💔 where can I find it?
RĘZA 7 (8 days ago)
+patrick star thankyou
patrick star (8 days ago)
Insha Rais (19 days ago)
Very nice
Anton Carlos Luna (19 days ago)
It taked them 10 years to build that chair
Marcelino Raymundo (19 days ago)
2:37 can aomeone tell me what is the tittle of the song its sooo godd
Xiois Official (19 days ago)
Marcelino Raymundo its is :monody-thefatrat
Chandan Choursiya (20 days ago)
Hi i
Sai Aung (20 days ago)
فعلن مدهش وراقي
Milos Antai (20 days ago)
SOS GAMING (20 days ago)
Relax song
Yo quiero
luis smith (21 days ago)
Alguien sabe como Se llama la canción del minuto 8:08 porfavor Si se lo agradesco
mateus ramineli (21 days ago)
4.01 what music is that
Baaghi Gaming (21 days ago)
What is name of background music i needd plzz answee me bro
Marcelino Raymundo (19 days ago)
Baaghi Gaming i love it but i still asking viewers what is the tittle of the song
Mohammed Ali (21 days ago)
Where in Kenya can i find these furniture.
Marlene Army Army (21 days ago)
2:36 someone tell me the song plis
iiZhinxz RBLX (21 days ago)
Marlene Army Army (artist TheFatRat) title: Monody
Queen Miracle (22 days ago)
You forgot satisfying 😂😂😂

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