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5 Amazing Transformable & Convertible Table

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5 Amazing Transformable & Convertible Table for small spaces SUBSCRIBE for more videos... :) LINK : Transformer Table http://www.transformertable.com/ BOULON BLANC http://www.boulonblanc.com/en/eng/ TabSoul https://goo.gl/3FWLW5 The Game Anywhere Table http://www.transformingdesigns.net/ Table + Stool http://www.takeawaywood.com/ All of this video belongs to the product owner & designer. It’s not a promotional video, it’s just collection of amazing furniture designs that makes our life better. All videos we publish are either for educational purposes or a news related to furniture design. All the video we use are under fair use which is for educational or news purpose.
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Text Comments (28)
Abdul Awal mollah (2 months ago)
How to make
Danh Nguyen (2 months ago)
Naman Bhan (3 months ago)
No matter how hard you try there will always be Asian kid better than you
RAJ RANI (8 months ago)
provide contact no and nearest sales office in punjab
Rajput Bana (8 months ago)
Kha milegi ye
lahiru kumara (9 months ago)
Romana Angersbach (1 year ago)
Im sure you'll build it yourself. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix website.
liveonthesun (1 year ago)
Seller: We spent millions of dollars using aeronautical principles and designs developing this table for 3 years. Buyer: Er.... What's it used for again?? Seller: Keeping stuff on it..😒
Digital World (10 months ago)
liveonthesun 😀
jade castro (1 year ago)
Where can i buy this from philippines
furnivo (1 year ago)
Hey Jade, You can follow the link of each product on description...🙂
Bimal Dhital (1 year ago)
what can we do to get these goods
novan setiawan (1 year ago)
John Labus (1 year ago)
Table #2 (especially) and table #5 outclass the others.
Rachel Feldman (1 year ago)
Where does one put all those chairs??
Emanuel Washington (1 year ago)
Not to mention all the boards when not in use.
Neli Gossler (1 year ago)
donde puedo hacer el pedido para que me manden la mesa transforme
Jepara Art Furnicraft (1 year ago)
Gurmeet Dhiman (1 year ago)
Good sar
Gustavo Villagra (1 year ago)
Gur😸😅meetąkp Dhiman /2👶😭🙋😊11!1bar8a!c '-6
Jorge Becerra (1 year ago)
Como o donde puedes pedir información sobre estas maravilas soy de guadalajara jalisco MEXICO.AAAAAJa jayyyyyyy SALUDOS ME ENCANTARON
Regina Côrtes (1 year ago)
moin Khan (1 year ago)
Good sra
Robert Alvarez (1 year ago)
yo fabrico mesas de toda forma y tamaño
sunita talvalkar (1 year ago)
Robert Loiselle (1 year ago)
Very cool
parmar dilip (1 year ago)
good idea

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