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BTS - WINGS ALL SONG TRACKS CLIPS (Short Films #1 - 7) [방탄소년단]

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The music/song clips featuring all members' songs from BTS Wings Short Films. Please enjoy! Support BTS and their upcoming album WINGS comeback scheduled for October! http://www.ibighit.com/ **ALL clips used belong to their respective owners BTS (방탄소년단) and Big Hit Entertainment** Clips featured as follows: Short Film # 1 BEGIN Short Film # 2 LIE Short Film # 3 STIGMA Short Film # 4 FIRST LOVE Short Film # 5 REFLECTION Short Film # 6 MAMA Short Film # 7 AWAKE **No Copyright Infringement Intended** **No audio or visual clips belong to me** **Created for Entertainment Purposes only**
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Text Comments (12)
Kayla Harris (2 years ago)
V's is sooo dark and sad
yhazelle prepose (2 years ago)
24 hours to go ! omg
Hazel Angela Cañedo (2 years ago)
3 days to gooooooo
Maci Pack (2 years ago)
i pray that awake is the title track
Chloe (2 years ago)
all of these are so lit I'm crying I'm so ready for October
annalisa dae (2 years ago)
9 more days!
Chibi Anime (2 years ago)
Can't stop playing MAMA....I have a problem.... HOBI !!!!
DREAMIES are my babies (2 years ago)
i already feel like mama would be my most favorite out of all songs.... but other songs sound really good too;;;;;;;; my ears have been blessed;;;;;;;;
Ellie S. (2 years ago)
I absolutely feel you omg, i'm hoping so hard this will be an own track omg xD
Genesis Baltazar (2 years ago)
I've replayed this about 25 times already... woops lol
Ahreum Plays Hybyul (2 years ago)
i like chicken nuggets I was reading the comments and I saw jimins face and I was like OOOOOOOHHH A JIMIN FAN BE MY FRIEND and then I was like wait wait wait hol up who is this person I look at your name and see, I like chicken nuggets,And I felt like I had to leave a useless comment on it Cuz I thought it was beautiful I cried a lil too

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