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Chronos Days Sim Dating Game Ending

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No, I am not the real Pacthesis. My user name gives it away. I am a huge fan, and I've played every single game without using cheat codes. (Truth is, I didn't even know about cheat codes until recently) If you would like any hints, or cheats I would be happy to reply. Search Pacthesis on DevianArt. The work is fantastic. It will lead you to most of the flash games
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Text Comments (140)
My fav is Landon
CutieAngelz Devilz (2 years ago)
WAIT A SECOND....if saige married emmett that means saige is cole's great grandma 0.0
CJ (3 years ago)
i was stuck between landon, oz and bianca when i played....i ended up picking biance though, she was just too cute
SUJU TRASH (4 years ago)
I also dont understand Bianca's purpose in the game.. ahah Idk
Noa (3 years ago)
For yuri fans xD (*cough* me)
SUJU TRASH (4 years ago)
I always wanted to end up with emmett but I got cole (in the story not the ending)... So if you did get emmett cole wouldn't exist? I got Nathan, he kind of had be at hello. kyaaaaaaa!!!~ it was too cute <3
ADankG3 (4 years ago)
well more for like cole, emmett. and bianca
ADankG3 (4 years ago)
can i have cheats for everyone??
Elijah Polen (4 years ago)
Teddy is so cute!
Alexis Chua (4 years ago)
Teddy~, Roland~ and Emmett~!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1=3
Emily Barnes (4 years ago)
Roland, Landon, and Emmett <3 I ended with Roland though
Noa (3 years ago)
For me it was SO hard to choose between Roland and Emmett!! I chose Emmett because he friking jumped off a train to return the thingy
Rose (4 years ago)
~Landon, Roland, and, Cole ~ Forever in my <3
Trâm Anh Dương (5 years ago)
VaLlenTina DouNiA (5 years ago)
Roland ! ♥ . ♥ I ALWAYS end up with him.... *♥* !! Kyaaaaa~~ He's so cute ! *Q* !!
Noa (3 years ago)
Maggs Silver (5 years ago)
THE LAST ONE!!: YURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \(>^<)/
Maggs Silver (5 years ago)
if that was me i WOULD DEFINITELY be like: HOW MANY KIDS AM I GONNA HAVE?? (>_<)/
Maggs Silver (5 years ago)
My reaction every single time: *"OMG!!!! I HAD KIDS?????? WTF????!!!!"* /(0^0)\
AnimeCat (5 years ago)
i like playing that game for some reason.
vampcute (5 years ago)
Bianca and saige together so cute and how did u..get her out of the glass thingy?
vampcute (5 years ago)
oh now that's make sense :D
Angel Dust (5 years ago)
there is a cheat code where u can get her out of it. and u can play a song from the piano in the mansion. your welcome. :)
vampcute (5 years ago)
What's the name of the song? :D
Eden Anderson (5 years ago)
Landan and Roland ♥ 
PokemonCouples234 (5 years ago)
is there a cheat code to skip the game to the end?
jordan carpenter (5 years ago)
i was suck with Landon and Nathan i pick Nathan
Tam Phap (5 years ago)
Um my nickname is Kayla lol XD
rey mysty (5 years ago)
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Realking rsp (5 years ago)
Right. I'm irritated. My friend lives on the floor above me. I'm annoyed because he just grew superb at obtaining gals. He discovered the Master Attraction site (Start looking in Google) by Jake Ayres. All he's doing now is screwing women. He's always bringing females back and I can't help but hear it, which is yucky and I wish he had not found that site. My good friend is getting laid now too coz of that site. I am jealous!
Armi Barbara Lacanilao (5 years ago)
.. I love Roland and Emmett more than anyone. Roland's story is so sad though ;_; i cried. But, I love yaoi better. So I shipped Emmet and Roland 'u' i make no sense.
Tatum Durbin (5 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks she should be with Landon?
Mrs.Lilyuna (5 years ago)
I'm fairly certain that's open to interpretation. Based on kissing her and the way she acts, I'd say she does like her as a girlfriend. I appreciate there is one lesbian option in the game for us ladies who enjoy other ladies.
Isabel L (5 years ago)
Oz's ending goes with the beginning the most.
Villager101 (5 years ago)
I like the three boys from the past. :3
lovepuppy359 (5 years ago)
What song is this? It sounds like Miku sang it, but I don't know what song it is.
Roberta R (5 years ago)
I couldnt o.O how do you do that?
Secretty Tea (5 years ago)
my heart belongs to roland >w<
LunaSimsGaming (5 years ago)
Who's cole?
LunaSimsGaming (5 years ago)
Miku! O.o
Pewdelia (5 years ago)
oz and bianca were such a hard decision
Suraj Rajbanshi (5 years ago)
I've read through some of the replies. I really think that is a quality video clip. My brother would like to become exceptional with girls. He figured out alot from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The help and advice for how to get chicks in night clubs in those emails via that website got got him his first intimate encounters in 3 years. I have been irritated however coz I heard them all. Disgusting.
Crayola (5 years ago)
I love Landon, why can't he be real?
Joey Mendoza (5 years ago)
I'm a fan
Janeru Nazarite (5 years ago)
* entering extreme fangirl mode after watching all the endings ♥♥♥ * ♥__♥
Anaiah Rhima (5 years ago)
I actually can't choose! >w<
Snow Sastre (5 years ago)
I had the ending with Roland, he was so cute and nice ! And when *Spoil, be careful* he learned her sister's death, I was really sad for him... (he was so happy to see her again...). But at the end, he had a cute daughter with my character, so I'm happy for him =3 Next time, I'll try Landon ! Or Nathan... Or Emmett... Or Cole... I can't choose ! XD I think I will try all of them ! *Teddy is cute too, and afterall they promised to be married...*. I love that game !
rekha rana (5 years ago)
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EmilyBoo1234 (5 years ago)
I'm on the weird side of YouTube again, damn it
kamal shrestha (6 years ago)
I want to figure out how to have more sex. My buddy has begun seeing a stunning woman basically because 8 weeks back he joined a site called Master Attraction (Google it if you'd like to learn more.) I'm jealous because I want to fall in love as well. How come it's so difficult? I'm going to look at this Jake Ayres guy's emails and find out if it might help a person like me. Crazy point is, my friend once had no results with women. How does one change so rapidly? His girl's like a model.
Michelle Xie (6 years ago)
One of my favourite scenes was when Nathan accidentally sleeps in your bed ahaha <3 he was adorable
Alice C. (6 years ago)
Landon and Roland :33
Alice C. (6 years ago)
Yes is true, but you can kiss her in the date o-o
DeOneDeOnlyMe (6 years ago)
Wait.....SO Bianca is LEzbo?!
Do Quynh Anh (6 years ago)
the last ending make me stand like a statue O.o, I've dated with Bianca and it's really funny
kitty_kat christie (6 years ago)
im sorry but my heart belongs to teddy I think that her and him are the perfectist couples and yes I know thats not a word just deal with it its my word
Lia Sufiah (6 years ago)
OMG Cole ~.~
Jasprosey (6 years ago)
What about the bad endings?
Fav not face
My face ones are Cole,Nathan and Teddy
marthychatow (6 years ago)
I found that truly insightful. I'm here as my best friend instantly started to be astounding with women. He went from zero to hero. He pretended he didn't realize. He then smiled and told me while he was wasted. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you wish to know about it... He's on a date now with a sexy girl... Lucky guy! Where are the most useful of these movies online?
Is it wrong I wanted a bit of drama with Landon and Teddy? Found it odd Teddy was okay with it. I picked Nathan first, he was just...so charming and sweet. Nathan is my next favourite. :3 I'm amazed by how much the art has improved, I played the earlier games and had no idea they were the same person straight away. xD
Nasra Wali (6 years ago)
xPuuca (6 years ago)
I love Emmett, Roland, Teddy and Cole <3..or..maybe i love all of them...:3
Lenore Fakename (6 years ago)
It's soo hard to choose just one!
JustFun606 (6 years ago)
fastforward-skip to day 30 coolstorybro-2000 hp,$1000 itstimeforinflation-$1000 pillshere-2000 hp
DigiBleach12 (6 years ago)
it's a good game
LuluLuluLSS (6 years ago)
I would like to know the cheats XP
Nikita Chan (6 years ago)
Did you talk until you got to end dialogue and go on the date with him? If you did this you should get 3 hearts.
Nikita Chan (6 years ago)
How to unlock Bianca: Go to the „Hayes Mansion“(In the past) and click on the piano. Now, imagine the piano keys are numbred. Like, the first on on the left is 1, the key to the upper.right is 2 and the one next to the first one is 3, ect. The correct order of clicking the keys would be this way then: 8, 11, 10, 5, 9, 6, 8, 4, 3, 11. If you clicked the correct keys, you should see a cut-scene and after that you can start talking to her.
Amonna Downey (6 years ago)
My brother keeps asking How do you unlock Bianca... How do u unlock her
RoseyDevlin (6 years ago)
I like Emmett :) hes such a sweetheart
Cardia Spade (6 years ago)
how did u end up with rolland ive tried so many times xO
eternalsnow9103 (6 years ago)
My favourite endings were with Roland, Landon and Emmet
Miley Jordan (6 years ago)
I had ending with roland and emmet :)
AnimeFreakstudio (6 years ago)
Song?? I really like it!!
Jayjude Killface (6 years ago)
...wait a minute...If she stayed with emmet...then...does that make Cole HER grandchild... Mind blown O_o
Saki111chan (6 years ago)
Landon isn't my type. I very love Emmett! The handkerchief is a symbol of our love ^^ And Teddy is cute :D
sarahb0216 (6 years ago)
Oh right thats wat I meant
imnotoverlyobsessive (6 years ago)
I imagine the creator of the game wanted to give lesbians and bisexual girls a chance at a dating sim game, too. I'm not into it, but hey, if it makes them happy, whatever man.
sarahb0216 (6 years ago)
Bianca is a girl what's up with dat I don't hate gays but whaaat?
Rin Kagamine (6 years ago)
i love the one with oz and landon
RoyalVampire1 (6 years ago)
I like Roland's, Oz's, and Bianca's endings the best
Adam Sandler (6 years ago)
Roland Landon and Nathan c: Lol poor Teddy tough XD
Me Li (6 years ago)
ElleDarling (6 years ago)
Emmett, Cole, and Roland, FTW
Azyyati Syahmi (6 years ago)
I fell in love with emmet instantly... It is damn cute!
Srta.TacoMal (6 years ago)
Lol, I went with Landon even though I felt like crap for breaking Teddy's heart. Would have gone with Nathan, but I didn't want to screw with the space-time continuum.
Leah (6 years ago)
ROLAND!!!! So cute and he's such a tsundere. I love it! ^-^
Bianca Galindo (6 years ago)
Omg i was acually surprised my name is Bianca and ew im together with her no offance nope nothing agianst lezbo or gay
Molly Johnson (6 years ago)
I love her games ^^ I've played all of them so far
TheBlackRoseParade (7 years ago)
LOL LANDON ENDING. Teddy must have that rage faces tuck on him. I mean, his brother took his prey. Teddy + Landon used to = BFF's. Now... Teddy + Landon = I FUGGIN HATE YOUR ASS FOR STEALING HER!! D;
AwkwardFellow (7 years ago)
Hey Jade,Lets kiss That wa so freaking...fast
SakuraNaruse (7 years ago)
roland,emmet and cole ^^
i loved bianca and her ending.
are you homophobic? im a girl and i actually fell in love with her! (srsly? a simulation and i fall in love?)
Vivi maidotsukiVA (7 years ago)
Oh LAWD. I loooved Roland's. So much. I love that Alien obsessed, anti social aviator. <3
Jamaine Josue (7 years ago)
Why They Have Same Hair And Eyes?
Yoga Tse (7 years ago)
I actually fell in love with Emmet <3 really. He is the most blandness among all of them, I think. It's hard to make a choice between Landon and Teddy.. Bianca loves Saige so much that I can't bear.. Indeed, I think I'll die before Oz will.. Nathan, dunno why, I think he's a bit not match with me, the personality.. Being together with Roland seems so suddenly, the intermediate parts??.. Cole, sorry, you're good but I.. prefer Emmet. No matter what, LOVE U PACTHESIS!! ❤❤
Chantal Claeys (7 years ago)
aww NathanXSaige forever <3
Eleanor Jones (7 years ago)
yay~ another yuri fan! XD high five bro
Vally Innocenti (7 years ago)
Wait a second isn't teddy's a blonde so why is his hair blue did he dye it or something after you left?
Devina Anindita (7 years ago)
I love Oz ending, a bit like Zettai Kareshi...
animeISmyLYFFE (7 years ago)
I like landon the best
OlivJuice (7 years ago)
Niggy (7 years ago)
They allow lesbian marriages?? Looks like.... It just got DIRTIER! xD

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